Happy Cow Milk

Our Happy Cows

Do you ever drive past a dairy farm and see the cows walking solemnly to their milking shed and just wonder what they think of all this?


We’ve developed a dairy farming system that puts animal welfare in the picture.

To start with, we bring our mobile milking shed to them. Most dairy cows have to walk 3-4 kilometres twice a day to be milked. This is why 10% of the herd is usually lame with sore feet.

It takes a lot of energy to walk all that way, so we benefit because our cows don’t need as much food.


Bobby calves are unwanted calves. Cows are kept continually pregnant in order to produce milk. The calves they produce are normally treated as byproducts - taken off their mothers in the first 24 hours and raised in sheds until they can be sold.

We leave our calves with their mothers for up to 10 weeks of age, until they naturally wean themselves. Because we believe that happy calves make happy cows.

Yes, the mothers have less milk for the vats, but we only milk once a day so we have some to spare. And by leaving the bobby calves with their mothers, we don’t need a shed to house them, equipment or labour to feed them.

Animal rights organisations are questioning bobby calf practices. And so they should. Especially when it’s so easy to do it better.

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