Happy Cow Milk


Happy Cows

Our grass fed cows are healthy and happy. They don’t have their babies snatched from them at birth. They are free of hormones and antibiotics.

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Happy Planet

By using two simple principles, we can farm sustainably. We have reduced the stock numbers and we mop up after ourselves by rotating pasture with nitrogen-hungry feed.

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Happy Family

If our animal welfare and environmental practices make you happy to support us, our milk will make you happy all week. It’s fresh and delicious because we process minimally, sell locally and deliver the next day.

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At Happy Cow Milk, we’ve gone to great lengths to do things differently. And by that, we mean better. Because we believe that a little country in the middle of nowhere should be striving to be high-end - not high-volume.

We’re in this together. And make no mistake - this is a fight for swimmable rivers, for sustainable agriculture and, yes, for happy cows.

You get to put your weight behind our movement, and we get to put the freshest, most delicious milk in your fridge. Smiles all around.